Hello and Welcome to Asperger Female

My name is Paige, and I am a 28-year-old woman, just recently diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome (now part of Autism Spectrum Disorder, ASD). After years of feeling different and thinking I might be on the spectrum, I finally found online resources that described my personality and a therapist who recognized my differences.

Asperger Female is intended to be a space where I share my personal experience learning of and living with Asperger’s so that other women might see themselves in shared experiences and learn to give themselves grace. I intend to share memories analyzed through the lens of Asperger’s, resources that I found helpful, and lessons learned through one-on-one sessions with my therapist. I hope that this website and blog will help other women with Asperger’s (ASD) better understand themselves and learn how to function better/easier in this world (at least that is what I am hoping to get out of therapy).

If you’re interested in following along with my journey, subscribe above.

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