Asperger Female, the story of a woman learning of and experiencing life with Asperger’s

Learning to listen to myself

Learning to listen and pay attention to the emotions and physical sensations of my body has been an interesting journey. I am by no means saying that I haven’t felt emotions or physical sensations, quite the contrary, but now I am trying to listen to the signals my body is giving me and interpreting them […]

Rationalizing lies

Something that I have always been good at is rationalizing my way into or out of a decision. I never really understood why I did this, but recently I realized that I likely have to rationalize my actions because lying (even if small) is not a strong suit of mine. Nearly a decade ago now, […]

Need for explicate language

About a month or so ago, I learned a characteristic about myself that, apparently, everyone else in my life had already known, but never specifically stated. I have a big personality. It blows my mind that I was completely unaware of a defining characteristic of how the outside world perceives me. I learned of this […]

Learning emotions: being excited vs being in an excited state

Until recently, I didn’t have the capacity to differentiate many of my emotions. I’m not sure if it’s the wisdom that comes with age, conversations with my therapist, the settling of many years of reading and listening to researchers dissect and explain emotion, or some combination of the three; but slowly gaining the ability to […]

Deciding not to share

When I was first validated by my therapist that I was on the spectrum, with what we both recognized as Asperger’s Syndrome, it felt like everything finally made sense. I finally had some reasoning behind why I didn’t “pick up” on clues other people seemed to easily recognize and some explanation behind specific quirks and […]

Breaking through the mask

Once I had finally found a therapist with Asperger’s Syndrome experience (so much so that Asperger’s was the topic of her dissertation), I was beyond excited. At last, I thought, someone who will understand. During the first couple of sessions, Dr. Gia and I worked through my most recent (at the time) relationship that had […]

Getting through the “first” therapist

Though I have previously participated in talk therapy/ Cognitive Behavior Therapy when in pursuit of my undergraduate degree, I had never gone in with the intent to discuss the possibility of being on the Autism Spectrum. Therefore, this new “round” of therapy was different. The first therapist that I went to, or rather that was […]

Friend-assisted self-diagnosis

In January of 2021, I made the decision to go back to therapy. I knew that I needed to work through some childhood trauma, but I also wanted to be assessed for anxiety, ADHD, and perhaps even Autism. I had always felt different and struggled with, maybe even slightly obsessed over, interpersonal relationships, devoting a […]

Hello and Welcome to Asperger Female

My name is Paige, and I am a 28-year-old woman, just recently diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome (now part of Autism Spectrum Disorder, ASD). After years of feeling different and thinking I might be on the spectrum, I finally found online resources that described my personality and a therapist who recognized my differences. Asperger Female is […]

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