Helpful Resources

The author (of the above books) and Australian psychologist , Taina Marshall, is the person who practically described my quirks and characteristics in her list of traits and anecdotal descriptions of author of women with Asperger’s. If you scroll toward the bottom of her homepage you’ll find her anecdotal description of females with Asperger’s Syndrome.
Jennifer (O’Toole) Cook is the author of Autism in Heels, an autobiographic description of her experience learning of and reflecting back on her life as a female with Autism. Though her examples did not reflect my own experiences, her descriptions mirrored the feelings and situations I have experienced.
Sarah Hendrickx shares the stories of young girls and older women with Autism along with her own story as an Autism researcher, a wife to an Autistic male, a mother to an Autistic son, and as a late-diagnosis Autistic woman.